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All trading are executed under professional-grade encryption

In GQFX group, traders only need to concentrate on their trades and not to worry about the safety of their funds. GQFX has high-level of security measures to ensure clients’ funds are always in the most secured state. In global financial trading, providing security ease-of-mind can enable traders to focus in their trades and in turn having positive outcome and the best trading experience.

Banking Practice

GQFX manages operational account and segregated customer's account with top tier investment-grade banking institutions.

Regulatory Supervision

GQFX is regulated by regulatory authorities and complies with all their stringent financial regulations. The Company’s annual audit is completed by independent third-party in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Risk Management

Risks are always present in any operations involving real-time trading. GQFX is on guard at all times and works diligently to identifying and managing any risk associated with trading operation.

Identity Verification

ID must be verified prior to trading with GQFX.

Primary Identity Verification Requirement

  • Valid Passport or any approved legal Identification document bearing the legal Full Name, Date of Birth and/or Place of Birth, document number and Date of Expiry.

Secondary Verification Requirement

  • Proof of resident documents must be dated within three months of application. Such as Utilities account, tenancy agreement, lease agreement, original bank statement, or original credit card statement. All documents must address to the account applicant’s name.
In order for the application to be reviewed, all submitted legal documents must have at least three months before expiration.

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